Living Our Values

At Penleaf, we talk a lot about sustainability, social impact and environmental awareness.  They have to be more than ‘greenwash’. These are values we hold true in every part of our professional and private lives.

Living our values

Here are some of the things we did as an ethical company during 2021 because they matter to us:
1. Successfully offset our carbon footprint.
2. Used only local suppliers for our company goods and services.
3. Carried out around 400 hours of volunteering for local charities.
4. Participated in a mentoring scheme organised by the University of Cambridge to provide support to postgraduate engineering students at top UK universities.
5. Contributed as a publicly appointed (DEFRA) Member of the Cotswolds Conservation Board.
6. Sat on the Industrial Fellowship Steering Group of the Royal Academy of Engineering.
7. Committed to ongoing professional development through postgraduate research study.
8. Provided emergency pro bono mentoring to the CEOs of four local charities.
9. Led a neighbour support scheme for our local community.
10. Made further progress in our application to become a certified B-Corp.

Our ethics statement

For Penleaf, good business and ethics go hand in hand.  We believe for-profit organisations benefit from being aware of their social, economic and environmental impact and their responsibilities to pursue the social good. We believe not-for-profits are better enabled to deliver on their mission and thrive when they are well run and perform to the highest standards of transparency and accountability to their stakeholders.

How our values and ethics shape the way we work

The core of our value system is working with integrity, delivering on promises, and protecting confidentiality.  



Things we care about

Join our mission for change at ‘The Boiling Frog’ – a community blog for and about small and
medium-sized charities, and their role in society today.
Written and curated by Jenny Hopkins, a Penleaf director.

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