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Penleaf specialises in strategic and business planning, as well as technical advisory, with a view to sustainable development. Clients include high-technology companies, university break-outs, innovators and disruptors, charities and other not-for-profit organisations. We work with only a small number of organisations each year and we choose carefully. This is to ensure we can dedicate time and energy to projects that interest us, and also where we know our particular expertise and experience will deliver the very best results.

Our values-driven strategic approach works effectively for every size of business and
all sectors – private, public, and not-for-profit. We will help you adapt to the massive period of change all organisations are going through to adapt to a rapidly changing world,
prompted by customers, investors and employees demanding a new and better way.

What you can expect from us…

Develop strategy

We will help you develop a values-driven strategy

Structured Approach

We will demonstrate the benefits of a structured approach to problem solving

Environmental and Social Impact

We will show you how to align commercial success with the delivery of positive social and environmental outcomes

Change Management

We will advise on sustainable development, and how high-performance culture, lean operations and change management fit into that

Identify Potential

We will identify your organisation’s real strengths and help you cultivate purposeful, reflective leadership at all levels

Embrace Diversity

We will demonstrate the importance of embracing diverse and complementary strengths within the organisation

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