Reaction Engines

Reaction Engines is a young high-technology company whose pioneering work on rocket engines has won the backing of some of the biggest names in aerospace and finance across the world. Scroll down to read about Penleaf’s consultancy advisory role.

How we helped

About the organisation
Reaction Engines is a pioneering high-technology company with a mission to make greater space exploration and technological advances on Earth possible by delivering transformative technology solutions. Its ground-breaking Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine (SABRE) is being developed to make space and hypersonic travel more efficient and accessible.

The Challenge
Reaction Engines has won the backing of some of the most influential names in aerospace and finance across the world.  Its journey to date as an organisation has been one of very fast growth in a short time. To continue to get the very best from its workforce of brilliant minds, it wanted a top engineer, with the right level of expertise and experience working for a global aerospace company, to cast a fresh pair of eyes on its existing organisation structure and processes.

The role of Penleaf
Graham Hopkins from Penleaf was originally commissioned to undertake project work on Reaction Engine’s organisation structure and processes. Following the successful completion of that work, he was appointed Chair of Reaction Engine’s Technical Advisory Board. He now leads on technical reviews of the organisation’s key projects.

What we do

Katie Parker, Community Partnerships Manager, Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust

'Jenny brings great insight and clarity to any project or programme she is working on. She is able to engage and collaborate across organisations and systems, and lead with clear values and integrity. An articulate communicator and a valued colleague, Jenny brings depth, knowledge, experience and most importantly compassion and humanity to everything she does.’

Peter Maynard, Practice Business Manager, Horfield Health Centre, Bristol

‘Jenny has the rare skill of being able to distil down difficult and complex matters into logical and succinct reports, so that I always feel I have enough information to allow me to question, debate and decide what to do. The fact she does all the above with good humour and grace is just the icing on the cake.’

Peter Gibbons Chief Security Officer, Network Rail

The ethics and values Graham brought to Network Rail represented a clear change to a more compassionate and engaged senior team, which really helped me develop our capability in my particular area of the business.

Siobahn Ritchie, Resourcing Business Partner, Network Rail

Graham is one of the most collaborative, authentic, approachable, and inspiring leaders I have met. I am grateful that I had the chance to work with him.

General Counsel

I have huge respect and admiration for Graham. Definitely the first time in my 12 years I found an exec to be completely approachable and treat everyone the same.



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